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Napify Points

How does Napify work?

Napify counts the time that your phone stays locked. Just open the app and tap the start button to start winning points. Napify does not obstruct your communication but remember the more time you spend outside the screen, the more points you will get.

How can I win points?

For every 3 minutes that your phone remains locked you will earn 1 point. You can also earn points by redeeming promotional codes.

How can I multiply points while driving?

You must start Napify and lock your phone before starting a car trip. When you get to a speed greater than 15 miles per hour, Napify will triplicate your points. Make sure to have GPS activated on your phone during the whole journey. And most important Do Not Text And Drive!

Do you want Napify at your University?

Just tell us and we'll make it happen. Send us an e-mail telling us where do you study and Napify will give double points in selected Campus areas.

Schedule and limits.

Does Napify have a special schedule?

Yes, how much time you spend outside the screen matters, but when do you do it matters as well. Points are worth up to 2.5x in lunchtimes and weekends.

Can I make points while I sleep?

We want you to have a good night sleep, your points are worth 0.5x during the night with a limit of 60 points per lock.

Is there a limit of points per day?

Yes, the daily limit of points is 600. If you have achieved 600 points a day, it means that you are a smart user and have learned to use your phone moderately.

Is there a limit of points per lock?

Yes, the limit per lock is 60 points, if you have achieved 60 points per lock, it means that you leave your phone for a moderate period of time and now can enjoy a healthy use.

Codes and coupons

How do referral codes work?

Referral codes are for new users only. Share your code and for each friend that applies it, you and your friend will earn 100 free Napify points each.

How can I redeem coupons?

Just show your coupon from the app in the participating establishments and the business will apply the discount to your total.

How many coupons can I own?

You can buy as many coupons as you can, but keep in mind that some coupons can expire. Also, keep in mind that all coupons have a 30 minute lifetime from when you activate it until you show it to the establishment.